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Promotional Video of the latest version of VisitaPirata 3.0, where the composition of the system is explained in general, and all its benefits aimed at increasing notoriety in social networks and websites.

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Web Traffic is directly related to Sales or Advertising Revenues. We create services to provide potential customers to your products. The personal and responsive attention we provide to each member of our community is the key to our philosophy.

  • We provide high quality web-traffic services.
  • Tools that generate visits to your site.
  • Offering great support to all our members.

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Incrementa Tus Resultados

We have TWO great methods to receive visitors, likes, Fowollers ... into your social networks, web or blog.


Purchase Services

We offer low-cost Membership and Advertising packages for maximum web presence. You will always benefit in our community. You can launch advertising campaigns with our 'SoloAd' tool to all of our thousands of members who have this option.

Rotator, Social-Blog & Top8

Unifying all the URLs of your affiliate websites or blogs, into a single URL, which shows one of your sites on each new visit, is the ideal way to join our Rotator. Also with the Social-Blog it allows you to have your own blog and a network with hundreds of members who can use this ideal free tool to promote your marketing. The Top8 is to be able to advertise eight banners.


Our affiliate network allows you to obtain benefits from a URL in the form of an economic amount or credits for your web pages. The referral system provides great advantages and is an opportunity to become our promoter of the system. Affiliate marketing is a way to earn residual money promoting the services for our great system.

News and Forums

We have our own system for publishing News on the net that offers easy sending by users by directly adding the URL of the news or by writing the news completely through the editor. The Forums is a discussion place organized by categories where members post messages on a specific topic, to discuss topics of interest to our community of members.


We have a quick strategy to increase the positioning of your account and you will get an increase for your favorite social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube. You will gain visits to your website or blog.


If you are a registered member, you can promote your social networks with our most advanced online tool. Never pay for fake followers, likes or traffic when you can get them from real people who want to be a part of their networks. Best of all, it's free.

Network exchange

Increase your popularity on the net with our system like Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube, Soundcloud, Pinterest, Instagram and Free Traffic Exchange through our community.

Share Networks

You can add social networks to your profile also using the 'Share' buttons, you will allow website visitors to easily communicate the content from a website with other users.

Two Methods

Manual traffic exchange of our platform, works with credits that are converted into visits. We offer purchase of credit packages for your sites. The other method is composed of Multiplatform services such as likes, fowollers, views, comments etc.


The banner is the format par excellence of Internet advertising. Display advertising is an excellent complement to see products on the net.

Our system

We offer the widest and broadest Social Media Sharing option in today's world of limitless infinite Internet possibilities. All influential and powerful social networks with their numerous features are represented here. Our platform always improves on our tools so that our members have the maximum number of visitors. Let's see what we can do to extend your social presence on the web.